Horley’s Schools

Horley Schools. (Mainly of the Past.)

Dates given are when recorded in Kelly’s Directories and many other sources, but they may have existed for longer periods. Some of the schools were known by different names during their existence.

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A few of the principals or head teachers are named when listed in directories or other sources.

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Adult School. (Bungalow shop) Yattendon Road. 1910-1923. (Now office.)

St Albans Preparatory School for Girls & Boys. 18 Lumley Road. Miss A. M. M. Steer, 1937

Albert Road Girls School. Miss E. V. Ward (1929). 1884-1942. (buildings later became Infants then Primary School.)

Albert Road Infants Mrs. Brarnes (1921) Miss I. M. Stewart (1929,) F. L. Parry (1935-42.) Miss G. M. Clark (January 1944-1971.) (Demolished)

County Primary School, Albert Road. Mrs. D. I Chesterton 1948, Miss L. Lowe, 1951-56. (Demolished)

Bakers Croft special needs school. Kiln Lane. 1973 to 1990. (Demolished.)

St Barts Girls Class. (Bungalow shop) Yattendon Road. 1905. (Now office.)

Burstow Preparatory School, Peeks Brook Lane. 1899-1926. Later this was a Naval School continuing until the 1950s. (Now offices.)

Copthorne Prep School. Effingham Lane, Copthorne. 1902 to present. This school just comes in the old parish of Burstow, and is on the Surrey side of the Sussex border. It was originally a private mansion and has grown over the years. The school presently has about 290 pupils some of which are boarders and has grounds of about 55 acres. For more information see their website. www.copthorneprep.co.uk

Court Lodge County Comprehensive School (mixed) Court Lodge Road. 1964. (Closed. and demolished in 2010 to make way for new leisure centre and swimming pool)

Court Lodge Infants & Juniors School, Court Lodge Road. (Closed 2004)

The Grove School, The Grove. Boarding and day school. Miss Parkhurst Baxter & Miss E. Walters. 1929-1937.

Horley Boys School Lumley Road. 1905. (buildings later became Central, Secondary School & now Primary School.)

Horley Central Mixed School, Lumley Road. P. W. G. Saunders 1935, E. C. Matthews 1937-1951.

Horley County Secondary School, Lumley Road (with annexe in Balcombe Road) 1948. Mr. H. C. Dale 1951 until after 1960. (Date to be confirmed)

Horley Primary School, Lumley Road. c1954 (Existing.)

Horley County Secondary (Modern) School, Balcombe Road. This started as annexe (in prefabricated huts) to Lumley Road, 1948. Current buildings commenced c1953. (Now Oakwood.)

Horley Grammar School, Harrow House, Albert Road. It was run by Ebenezer Sadler from about 1875 until he died in 1897. The building was then turned into flats. (Demolished, and modern flats on the site.)

Haroldslea House Kindergarten, Haroldslea. (Boys & Girls 2-5 years.) Miss Jean Hodges. 1951-1954

Helstonleigh Collegiate School for Girls & Kindergarten, 141 Victoria Road. Miss barker & Miss Stanley. 1893.

Hightrees School. (Chatel Guyon) New House Lane, Salfords. 1922. Moved to Horse Hills after fire in 1928 which killed 5 pupils. Mr. Norsworthy (1970s.) Closed by 1983. See more on a website dedicated to the history of this school and catch up with some of the old pupils. Go to links on the top menu.

St Hilary’s School. Queens Road. (Moved to Fairfield Avenue 1938) Miss Taylor. 1929-37, S. M. Riddle 1937. (Demolished.)

St Hilda’s School for Girls, Oakwood Road. (Now a private house.) Boarding & Day school. 1937-1980. Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Barlow (nee Judson), E.D. Dip. she died 1979 and her husband Leonard took it over, and then the school was moved to Redehall School, Smallfield in 1980. The school was named after St. Hilda’s Abbey in Whitby, Yorks., as Mrs. Barlow came from North Yorkshire. 

Horley National School. Horley Row. 1835-1904. After 1904 this school became the “Manual School,” G. S. Offer, woodwork instructor. 1904-1929. (Demolished, now site of St Wilfred’s Church.)

St Joan’s School. Oatlands, Warltersville Way, (then later Horley Place, Bonehurst Road.) Later called Horley Preparatory School. Miss F. Armstrong & Miss M. M. Mulligan 1954, Mrs. K. Leslie, 1956-1965. (Now flats.)
St Joan’s Annexe, Flat 1 Bonners Place, Bonehurst Road. 1948.
St Joan’s Boarding & Day School for girls, Horley Place, Bonehurst Road. Miss P. Wright et al. 1935-1948. Girls & boys from 4 years. Miss F. Armstrong 1943-51. (Now flats.)

Kingsley School for Girls.  Horley Row. Miss V. S. Shepherd N. F. V. Miss H. L Downs DA. 1948-1965 Mr. Edward & H. R. Fowler 1956. During the 1960s Miss Hilda Edwards who was the head and Miss Fowler was deputy. The school opened a kindergarten for boys and girls in the latter years.

Lady’s School, Eton House, Albert Road. 1900. (Demolished)

Langshott Infants School. Smallfield Road. 1985. (Existing)

The Lawn School. Massetts Road. Boys & Girls 5-9 years. Miss M. Reynolds. 1951-1968. She had grown up in India and brought with her a large Indian marquee which school festivities were held in. The standard of education was extremely high with 5 and 6 year olds learning Latin , French etc and taking exams at the end of each year.(Now a guest house)

The Lawn Nursery Class, 17 Church Road. Mrs. J. Walters. 1959.

Meath Green County First school. Greenfields Road. Started in huts 1958 (Existing)

Meath Green Infants. Kiln Lane. 1975 (Existing.)

Outwood School. (Corner of Millers Lane/Brickfield Road.) c1905. (Now a private house.)

Pavane School of Dancing. 4 Haroldslea Drive. Esther M. Cook M.R.A.D A.I.S.T.D. 1944-1959. (Now a private house)

Redehall Preparatory School, Redehall Road, Smallfield. 1980 (Existing.)

Regents Park School. Massetts Road. Jewish Boarding School. About 40 Boys and girls. Principles Mr and Mrs Schindler. The last head master was Mr McQuire. Closed 1949 (The building later became Cooper Lodge, a home for the blind. Now the building has become flats)

Salfords Primary School. Copsleigh Avenue. c 1954. (Existing.)

Salfords School. (Mixed.) Woodhatch Road. P. W. Sanders. (1919) Miss Atherton (c1945) 1893- 1954 (demolished)

Sangers Primary School, Manor Drive. Now renamed Manorfields in 2004. (Existing.)

Emmanuel Church of England Primary School, Also known as National School. Sidlow. 1865. Closed when Sidlow Mixed & Infants opened in about 1895.This school was a quarter of a mile north of the bridge. It is now a private house.

Horley Sidlow Mixed & Infants School. Ironsbottom. c1894. (Now “Sidlow Bridge Centre” special needs school.)

Smallfield Primary School, Redehall RoadSmallfield. 1860 – 1973. Then moved to Wheelers Lane and then became Burstow School. (Now Redehall Preparatory School: a private school. see entry above.)

Burstow Primary School. Wheelers Lane, Smallfield. Started in temporary huts 1959. (Existing)

Surrey County Council Technical Institute, Station Road (now High Street.) c1903-1948. (Now offices)

Wavertree School, P.N.E.U. Preparatory for boys. (later was Regents Park, above.) Massetts Road. 1930. (Now flats.)

Yattendon (Primary) School. Oakwood Road. c1968 (Existing)