Haroldslea; Bronze Age Cremation


Evidence of a Bronze Age cremation was found during the Mesolithic dig at Haroldslea.


A small quantity of ash containing bone fragments were examined at the Centre for Human Bioarchaeology at the Museum of London. They have confirmed that the bone fragments are human, from an adult and included cranial and leg-bone fragments. Most of the burial had been disturbed by ploughing.


In the picture below, the cranial fragments are on the left.


Included in the finds was a bronze age flint arrowhead,(pictured at the bottom) which had not been burnt, this seems to indicate that it was buried at the same time as the ashes were interned, but after the actual cremation. This arrowhead was in the soil above the ashes.

It was reported that in 1840 some land was being cleared by the tenant farmer and human bones were found, but there is no further information recorded as to where this was on the Haroldslea estate, or even if they could have been connected to this recent find.


This find was made near the moated site. The map reference is TQ2995 4245.

Peter Cox.