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Horley Methodist Church, the First Hundred Years

For people who have lived in Horley, whether recently, in the past or for most of their lives, they are sure to have heard of the Methodist Church; but few will realise that 2009 is the Church's Centenary.

This book gives 'a brief history of the church on its present site with a look back to earlier times'. It explains the history of Methodism in Britain and then in Horley through the Primitive Methodists and the Wesleyan Methodists.


The second half of the book traces the history of the Victoria Road site, together with photographs of the buildings and its Ministers.


On reading this carefully researched book, one is aware that this is a church that has seen many changes in its first hundred years and is prepared to 'Go Forward' to meet the changing world and the needs of the community.


This 32 pp. book is available for £2.00, from the Horley Methodist Church cafe Wednesday and Saturday mornings,

or Doug Cox 01293 410366.


Veronica Ballard July 2009

 Shadrach Blundell

Blundell is a very well known name in Horley and has been for several centuries, so it is always of great interest to find those who can add to the knowledge of this family. Dorothea Teague, a family descendent, has produced a 222 page book called "Shadrach Blundell", his family and property 1580 to modern times, 2nd edition, published by Synjon Books, price £12. It clearly shows how the Surrey Blundells are related to those in other counties, including, Sussex, Kent, Essex and Suffolk.

 The Horley connection with the family is covered in some detail from 1713 and describes their connection with properties such as Cinderfields, Horley Mill, Old Mill House, Hutchins and Benhams besides family names including Flint and Maple. All these names are either still known today or frequently referred to. One very interesting passage deals with the 1812 inventory (list of goods and chattels left on the death of John Blundell) and the other details the efforts Richard Blundell made in attempting to regain in Chancery the family estates from the Hughes side of the family. This continued in almost a re-run of "Bleak House" for over half a century.

 A copy is now held by the History Society and one will it is hoped shortly be held by Horley library.

This book is available for £12 from: Synjon Books, 5 Homestead View, The Street, BORDEN Sittingbourn, Kent, ME9 3JQ

http://www.synjonbooks.co.uk/publications/shadrach blundell.html


 The Brown Family.

Ten flour mills in a hundred years by Peter Sinclair.

This 48 page book has been recently published by the Mills Archive Trust.

The mill to interest us is Salfords Mill, and three pages are devoted in great detail to it.

Including pictures and details of the various owners and the fires which destroyed it

It is available for £10.00 from: